Alexandre Hannud Abdo

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E-mail: abdo@member.fsf.org
XMPP (jabber): abdo@member.fsf.org
Skype: solstag


Principal researcher for the project Experimentation and modeling of health care mobilization campaigns, sponsored by a FAPESP postdoctoral scholarship (process 2012/05820-3) at the School of Medicine of the University of Sao Paulo
Facilitator of the brazilian Open Science Working Group, supported by Open Knowledge Brazil
Organizer and lecturer of a course on technology, sharing and collaboration at universities, organizations and culture centers, with the Lab-escola Imre Simon
Volunteer for Wikimedia Brasil and participant of Wikiversity
Collaborator of the ATOPOS research group
Member of the Participatory Democracy working group of the Nossa Sao Paulo network
Guitar Player and practitioner of Yoga and Aikido
Player of Role Playing Games

Some academic interests

Distributed political, cultural and economical organization; autonomy and public policy
Intertubes, libre software, participatory democracy, free culture, wikis, federated services, etc.
Diffusion and contagion in social networks
Dynamical Systems and Chaos
Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Cognitive Neuroscience

Once upon a time...

(2009-2012) Researcher in the National Crack Use Survey and other projects at Fiocruz (Rio de Janeiro)

(2011) Concluded the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme of the Diplo Foundation
with a paper on Remote participation and Internet governance for the final stage of research implementation.

(2009) Doctorate from the Institute of Physics, University of Sao Paulo
in collaboration with the Collective Dynamics Group at Columbia University
Thesis: Relationship between topology and dynamics in processes of growth and contagion in complex networks (pdf, in portuguese except for summary)
Advisor Alessandro Moura

(2003) Bachelor Degree in Molecular Sciences from University of Sao Paulo
Undergraduate research in Chaos Control
Advisor Celso Grebogi

Languages: fluent in Portuguese and English, reasonable in Italian and Spanish, some French and Arabic

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